Services of our dentists

Experts and technical know-how

The competence of the zmk Bern expands more than 10’000 patient treatments per year, with many years of clinical experience, teaching, and research activities at a high level. The clinics work closely together on an interdisciplinary basis. Many specialty consultations are provided.

Modern infrastructure

The zmk Bern has a modern infrastructure, and is constantly renewed. Digital diagnostic and treatment methods are firmly established.

High research standard

With competitive and excellent research activities, the zmk Bern sets high standards for the clinical treatments. The current treatments are based on the latest research findings, and the professionals are continuously updated to apply the latest clinical procedures.

Comfortable atmosphere

The zmk Bern attach special importance to a warm and comfortable atmosphere that should create a climate of trust and security between patient and dentist. 


The institute employs higly skilled professionals, specially trained in treatment for children, who apply special techniques for calming and reducing fear.

Access for persons with disabilities

The zmk Bern is accessable for wheelchair users.


German, Italian, French and English