Our labs

Laboratory for Cariology and Dental Erosion

Kariologie und dentale Erosionen

Research areas

  • Endodontics
  • Dental Erosion / Erosive Tooth Wear and Saliva
  • Non- and Microinvasive treatment of caries
  • Microbiology of caries and Nutrition related to caries

Robert K. Schenk Laboratory for Oral Histology

Arbeit am Mikroskop

Research areas  

  • Tooth development
  • Periodontal regeneration
  • Bone and soft tissue healing of dental implants
  • Testing of biomaterials for the regeneration of local bone defects

Laboratory for Oral Microbiology

Mikrobiologische Arbeit

Research areas

  • In vitro assessment of antimicrobial therapy in periodontics (and conservative dentistry)
  • Determination of microorganisms and biomarkers in clinical studies
  • In vivo detection of selective markers to confirm the results of basic research (also in relation to periodontal disease)

Laboratory for Oral Molecular Biology

Laboratory for Oral Molecular Biology

Research area

The focus of our laboratory is to advance translational- and patient-oriented research on cleft lip/palate (CLP) involving the multidisciplinary expertise of clinicians, geneticists, and basic researchers. Our goal is to bridge scientific discovery into benefits for patients and society.

  • establish a unique primary cell bank using lip tissue after corrective cleft surgery
  • elucidate genotype-phenotype correlations in Van der Woude Syndrome patients
  • unravel the genetic mechanisms linking altered wound healing to CLP
  • study the potential of patient-derived cells for tissue regeneration in CLP individuals

Laboratory for Oral Cell Biology

Orale Zellbiologie

Research areas

  • Enamel matrix proteins for bone and periodontal regeneration
  • Bioactive growth factors
  • Osteoinductive bone regeneration materials
  • Guided bone regeneration in implantology

Laboratory for Dental Digital Technology

Research areas

  • Study on the understanding of the digital capabilities in treatment planning for different patient scenarios
  • Study on the accuracy and performance of digital dental instruments, including CAD-CAM machines
  • Exploration of new and emerging digital dental technologies and their application in patient treatment
  • Non- and microinvasive caries treatment
  • Examination of the use of digital technologies to enhance the education of dentists

Laboratory for Dental Biomaterials

Research areas

  • We investigate interdisciplinary biomaterials in Dentistry used for restorations, prosthetics, and implant reconstructions.